• teacher: do u understand what ur supposed to be doing
  • me: yeh
  • friend: what r we supposed to be doin
  • me: lol idk

  • basketcaseirwin replied to your post: anonymous said:idk if i am either…

    [coughs] lea is attacted to me don’t even try to argue

    kendalljnnr replied to your post: anonymous said:idk if i am either…

    *coughs*you are insanely attracted to me*coughs*

    ladies ladies!

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    i think puberty works only for guys 

    Anonymous said:
    idk if i am either lol

    it sucks :/ like i’ve always liked boys and been attracted to boys but i’ve been attracted to girls too

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    Anonymous said:
    im 15 too :)

    that’s nice :) what’s your name

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    Anonymous said:
    are you bi?

    not sure

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    *pushes huge shit out of my ass as hard as I can*

    *tiny splash*



    when you see someone post a stupid fucking opinion but you don’t wanna start nothing